Wednesday, December 9, 2009

An Ugly Truth

How to become ugly?

When I was young I used to play with bunch of ugly kids. Hahaha! This has come to my realization that not all the same feathers flock together. To cut the long story short, I stopped playing with them and maintain my good looking skin at home for seven years. Aside from having a nice complexion I am surprised that while I am getting older I look better. Despite of having love handles I can still be considered almost perfect! One of my friends had asked me my secrets of having a flawless face and on how to become handsome. I told him that he should never use soap on his face while taking a bath although that was a joke I was surprised with the result in ten years! During that time I must admit that he really looked like my ass! But now, he looks better than me. I have only one appeal which I never get every time my friends ask me about my secrets. Where is the compliment? They are seeking advice from me for free and yet even a simple thank you I had never heard in return.

Every time I wake up I look on the mirror I thought it was a ghost but I realize that I have a reflection of an angel. I do not feel old. I look young and I feel like I am a Hollywood celebrity. Okay, that’s enough you are getting some tips already! My friendly advice for you is to get your face repaired!

After long queue of questions about my secrets I believe it is now my turn to ask question on how to become ugly. How’s the feeling of being a horrible man? Moving on the topic, I really need those readers here to give me some tips on how they feel. All commentators can post anonymously to hide their identity since they will be considered ugly.

Your comment could prevent my plan to put acid on my face just to feel what you feel. Hahaha!

My favorite saying: “There will never be a handsome guy like me if there is no ugly person like you in the world”.

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