Saturday, March 27, 2010

What Is RTFM?

I had very busy and tiring moments in the past days. I have conducted technical and service training about the basic principles and how to service the products we carry in a company. I have asked them to evaluate me at the end of the presentation. I was so happy that they really appreciated the said training. They have learned a lot according to them and perhaps that was the consolation I got after the tiring 2 1/2 days of training. The only comment I got was that the laser presenter made them dizzy.

At the end of the training I have told them to always check out the manual and perhaps that is the best thing that I could impart to them and bear in their minds with the acronym, RTFM!  --- or Read The F**k**g Manual.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Not Again! When Nature Calls

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I have just another embarrassing moment which I consider related as well to this humor-horror blog. It happened on 10th March this year (just few hours ago). As technical guy I was doing some configurations and fixing the fault on network in one of our clients when nature calls. I needed to go to the restroom to relax and ease my burden but it was again unfortunate not to see any tissue paper or even a dipper for washing. The absence of soap really added to my worries after comforting myself. Although it has a similarity with my previous story My Embarrassing Toilet Story this is a bit different or considered worse than previously.

I guess you want to know my remediation not in the IT-Server room but on how did I troubleshoot in the comfort room. Okay, I had seen an empty bottle of mineral water and I used it. I washed my hands for about 8 minutes with running water.

The picture above is just for illustration only. Actually he is luckier than me since he still holding the last resort ( using his magazine)! My apologies to those who read this while eating. This is just a reminder to be prepared always. Of course I will not end this post without leaving the readers some lessons we could get from this story.

Here are the tips and lessons:

1. Always bring soap or alcohol with you.
2. Always bring a dipper
3. Always bring bottled mineral water
4. Do not forget your magazine before you go to work