Thursday, July 30, 2009

Humor & Horror

This site will tackle all about stories and personal experiences. I will focus on ghost stories, unexplained things, and of course the funny stories! This page will be divided into 2 sub-categories--obviously about horror & humor.
Everybody is invited to post their ghost stories, & funny stories into this site! Be part of this!

Around the world definitely there are uncanny stories about ghosts, unexplained phenomena, & as well funny stories regardless of race, beliefs, and cultures. I have mixed up these 2 sub-categories to balance our senses or as to moderate our emotions and for us to understand what really behind on the unexpained things and what things tickles our emotions. I am not superb on story telling nor a good writer but what I really want to impart to the readers are some stories that we would like to ncover the reality behind our fear and hapiness. Once we have determined all these things we could become better persons and be effective regardless of what aspects in life we are into it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Humor & Horror

This site will be interesting and will discuss about the humor & horror stories or sharing of experiencs all around the world. This site is being developed and will launch soon!