Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shocked During the Sunday Service

It was a sunny morning when my aunt and I had attended the Sunday service. We were late and as a result we had only managed to get seats available at the back while the pastor were giving his sermon. I was a new member in the community and actually a bit forced by my aunt to attend the so early service.
We begun to clap and raise our hands and had 2 hours of worship. It was in a deep silence and all of the members closed their eyes and the pastor asked everyone to come closer on stage. I was the only one left sitting at the back. I was undisturbed with what they were doing. All of them were kneeling at that moment when the pastor exclaimed, “Even Satan will get on his knees”. I was shocked and knelt down instantly then praise the Lord!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Letter of Confession

Dear Mr.Love,

My story begins in one rainy day. I just finished taking a bath and wrapped myself with towel. I entered into my room then seated in front of the mirror. My dad noticed me and he followed me without knocking the door then he locked it. He approached me and touched my shiny black hair. I was surprised and cannot utter words on that moment. My eyes were unintentionally closed and the tears began to fall. His hands extended the stroking all over my face and I got blushed and I thought he really appreciates my beauty or maybe had cruel intentions. I never thought that he has the hands of professional makeup artist. He confessed to me that he is gay and then we both cried because he finally admitted after over 25 years of hiding it to my mom. In fairness, he made me like a celebrity who attends Oscar Awards Night. Thanks to his expertise applied on my face and my hair.

I am really proud of my dad. We are now both happy and closer to each other than ever before.

Sincerely yours,