Friday, August 28, 2009

Joke Joke Joke ! -- Unexpected Embarrassment

Two lovely couple were on a date in one fine dining to celebrate their third anniversary! They were in love and sharing sweet thoughts to each other. They reminisced their past through good times and bad times.The guy who ate so much of what they had ordered had felt discomfort with his stomach.He tried to hold it and he thought it was a very unfortunate deep shit (as in deep shit with its literal meaning) but it was a false alarm, luckily he just farted and gave the bunch of fellow customers within that restaurant with a very long and stinky fart! Other group of ladies beside their table had heard the very loud blow and they laughed about it. The next thing happened was really unexpected when his wife had overreacted by giving a very large bubble blow from her nose! She had a running nose on that evening occasion. What a shame! Everybody was shocked!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Unexplained Mysteries

Do you believe in Ghost? How about Dracula? Vampires? Have you experienced unexplained things? The secrets on how to get to know them if they are real or in existence will be revealed here.

If you have such real life experiences we will uncover the truth behind the mysteries.
I will answer all your questions and if you need explanation based on scientific study give me at least a week to study your non-fictitious stories.

Well, about me I was a person before who do not believe anything about unexplained things but because of one experience that I had and through my extensive research in finding the truth with scientific basis I have concluded that it was real.

If you do not have such stories you can just read some of the articles herein just to keep you informed and aware not to scare you but also on how you can handle about it.
If you have the so-called "third eye" then do not be afraid.Perhaps it is your sixth sense! Other people were saying that sixth sense is a gift.

I have lots of stories to tell you, my other personal experiences will be posted here. Just brace yourself and be aware!

I am here to validate your untold unexplained stories. Make sure it is real, if not it will be classified as the unexplained case which you will not get the satisfaction from it since it is just the fruit of your imagination. It must be real, I will let other viewers and followers to make comments.

Everybody is invited to share!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Unexplained Wealth

This is just for teaser actually. Since I have informed you about my unexplained scary story in my previous posting I would like to discuss about the unexplained wealth of corrupt government officials as well. Since this is related on my topics I would like to raise this issue.

Wherever you are there are corrupt government officials in your place regardless if your country belongs to the third world or developed. The dreadful and scary issues to talk about is the corruption because of the broad implications to the public. It defeats the popularity of the unexplained stories actually.

Some wise officials have legalized corruption by getting too much pay by serving their country. The question here is how as a citizen helps his/her country to fight against corruption? We can make difference by getting to know the ways to help our motherland to become well-off and a country of fairness to everyone.

I am not here just to tell you about the things that will make us depressed and angry. If you have ways in how to fight corruptions please do not hesitate to post your comments. Let us heal our nation and the world!

Friday, August 21, 2009

It's a Joke Joke Time! : Remarks at Funeral

There are 3 closed friends that died in one car accident and they got to an orientation in heaven.They had been asked at the gate of heaven for the said orientation and interview, What would you like your friends left on Earth to say about you?"

Guy #01: I would like to hear them say that I was a great physician, and a devoted
father and husband.
Guy #02: I would like to hear that I was a good artist!
Guy #03: I would like to hear them say, "Hey look, he's moving and alive!"

Friday, August 14, 2009

What Is Your Funny and/or Scary Stories?

If you have funny and scary stories to share please do not hesitate to post it in here. We can make some sharing and study of your stories.

Actually the main objective of this site is to identify, study, investigate and share point of views about the scary stories especially for those unexplained things. We can discuss about the horror movies and make comments. Everybody is welcome to make their own stories as well.If it is really your stories just put your name under it. Please inform us if your stories are real life experience or just your own ideas or the fruit of your imaginations.

For real life stories to tell, it would be much appreciated if you have your stories that can be supported by your unique and original camera shots.

Do not wonder if I have included about the funny or humorous stories here, the said funny stories serve as teasers only.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Haunted House

There are rumors about haunted houses. Have you ever heard or seen a "white lady" in the window of an old house at night? How about the hunchback old man appeared in front of the gate and inviting you to come in to stay for a night? These are common scenes from horror movies.

If you have such stories about the haunted house please let me know. In some documentaries from the well respected local broadcasting networks (television stations) saying that they had experienced unusual things while doing documentaries. My question was, is that for real or just to get the public excited about what they were watching. Do not just believe on the ghost stories you should make your own investigation.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Horror 002 : Ghost and Science

Horror 002 : Ghost and Science

I have made the title name “Ghost & Science” to share my point of views about the real and the unexplained things we experienced in our lives. This is as well to differentiate what is real and what is just a creation of our imagination or made by other people to scare us.

Ghost, in some beliefs or religions it is widely known.

I believe in spirit that if the person dies it will go out from the dead body. I had a story about the unexplained thing happened to me but until now it is hard for me to figure it out. I combined science in my search for the truth but I cannot find a conclusive explanation on what I have experienced. Perhaps, I need to surrender and leave my experience as case unsolved and proceed with my everyday life.

By profession I was an engineer and most of the time I was making reports based on facts. If I have some doubts I better not send report to our customers or to my immediate boss. I have to delay it if necessary even if it could have implications to our business. In engineering you should be investigative and your investigation should be based on gathered facts. It should be systematic with scientific approach to solve the problem but on the case of my unexplained experience it was so hard for me to understand.

I was about to accept that it was simply because of my imagination but the fact that I was not alone and we both had that story I would like to say that it was a ghost.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Humor 001 : Cigarette Vendor

Humor 001 : Cigarette Vendor
There was a man who was selling cigarettes inside the bus. The guy was offering cigar to each passenger and to my surprise the vendor exclaimed, “buy my cigars to prolong your life!”.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Horror 001 : A Real Ghost Story

Many of us believe in ghosts some have yet to experience it to believe it. Regardless of our faith and beliefs there are stories about ghosts around the world.
Can we identify what is real and what is really just inside of our imagination?
In the evening of April 12, 2009 my colleague and I were both busy at work. Having an overtime work in our office-warehouse we both noticed a very sudden thing passed by beside us. We thought that it was just our other officemate who just run so fast and push the door next to us. The said door is the access to a room which has an exit door opposite of it but before you could go out you could hear the exit door if somebody opens it but to our surprise nobody had made an exit. I have checked the room and I had seen nothing inside of it. My colleague and I were both shocked and we conducted an investigation. Definitely it is not a strong wind or not even an electric fan in full force could push the door so we took out the idea that it was only a strong wind. The door can only swing if you exert good enough force in order to open it. I do not believe in ghosts previously even when I was in Philippines before I headed to work in Singapore there were lots of stories in our country but I did not believe that time.
I have realized that after telling the story to our colleagues the next day that some of them had some unexplained experiences especially working late at night. There were some rumors that during the construction of the building there were some workers died on site. Needless to say but December of 2008 there was one outsourced logistic personnel who was working with us collapsed and died on the spot in our warehouse, he was just 44 years old.