Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Truth About Mary

One afternoon Mary has been found dead in her bedroom lying in cold blood. The forensic experts did not know the cause of her death. Many believed that she was murdered by her husband. But after a week, her husband has died in a vehicular accident. Nobody knows the real cause of the accident since no witness had showed to testify about what had happened.
A lot of cases were similar to the story of Mary. The case had been classified as unsolved. What was the real story behind the death of a lovely woman who lived a wonderful life? The story has never been revealed until one day the man behind the crime had known that he survived the accident. The man chose not to reveal his secret but out of his bothered conscience after few months had passed he gave himself to the authority. He made confession on the crime he had committed.

This is a short synopsis of the story that I am writing from one of my ebooks. Once this book is finished it will become available online. Many of us may notice that this may happen to anybody, it is a story that you may find similar with other stories but this will be full of surprises. Unlike in my other articles, I consider this as my own story that have been created out of my imaginative mind. Every time I write an article herein the readers will be informed if it is based on true event or just a fruit of my imagination. As I am getting deeper in writing horrific stories inspired by real events, I have realized that there are lots of true stories that never been told yet which may be similar to this.

In my next article, I will be discussing about true story that happened in our province.

Most of the stories I write here are true and non-fictitious stories. Watch out for it!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Corny Joke

At school, the teacher was asking the students about the best and practical medicine in times of emergency.
Teacher: What is the best cure for the fever?
Student 1: Paracetamol!
Teacher: Very good! How about a cure for headache?
Student 2: Aspirin Ma’am!
Teacher: How about for diarrhea?
Student 3: Corn, Ma’am!
Teacher: Can you justify your answer?
Student 3: A corn is the best and practical to prevent excessive waste discharge, Ma’am. You just plug in and the diarrhea is gone in seconds.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

From Humor to Horror

Previously the stories that were posted here were focused on humor and horror stories. Although the name of this site is about Humor & Horror, I decided to remain this unchained even if I will be writing about some interesting stories may or may not be relevant to the said humorous or frightening stories.

From humor to horror is the new concept of this site. I will be discussing any interesting topics here. From humor to horror is an analogy of all letters in alphabet from "A" to "Z" that covers all letters. Likewise,humor to horror may cover all interesting topics!

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Murphy's Law

Murphy’s Law : “ Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”

Do you believe in Murphy’s law? Many assumed that this law had been originated from a scientist named Edward Murphy that after his failed science experimentation in front of the crowd in one occasion he blamed the unsuccessful result to his assistant. I will not elaborate into further discussion.

I would like to share some real terrible stories below:

The Passenger Who Just Gone Off the Bus and Died on the Spot

In one ordinary morning, I attended the weekly project meeting in one of the oldest buildings in the Central Business District. Part of the project meeting was about the safety awareness. The project manager together with his safety officer had discussed about some safety tips and set an example about what had happened earlier on that morning. This was about a passenger who just stepped off from a bus and accidentally slipped his foot. This was a nightmare for the relatives and especially the immediate family of a young man who died on the spot. It was not an ordinary accident in an ordinary early Monday morning. His head had been crushed by another bus’ wheel. I got real photos that had been sent thru emails which I supposed to post it here for the sake of the readers to get clearer picture of that incident but I chose not to unless somebody would ask me to upload the images. My stomach almost did not take it and I was about to vomit on what I had seen. One of the witnesses described that incidence with a very loud sound like a coconut fruit that was being forced to squash.

This incident happened just next to the building where we had attended weekly project meeting.

Date of Accident: 1st Quarter of 2007
Location: Withheld
Victim: 1
Identity: Withheld

A Man Riding a Motorbike Hit by a Big Truck

It was so unfortunate to a man who was riding his motorbike without knowing that it was his last day. He was so fast riding his bike and one big truck has crushed him like a ground meat. A friend of mine had sent that amateur shots of images.

Date of Accident: Between 2007-2008
Location: Withheld
Victim: 1
Identity: Withheld

These are real stories. All these unfortunate events that are being associated with the so-called Murphy’s Law have purpose why all these things happened. Sometimes even if we are very cautious and careful in what we do, things could go wrong. The moral lesson here if we cannot avoid it at least by taking extra safety awareness the risk is not that much. For those God-fearing individuals, we need to pray for our safety and focus in everything we do.

I hope this will serve as lesson to everybody.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hir's a FaCt

A message forwarded to me thru SMS :

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Story of the Woman Enclosed Inside a Container

I do not know whether if I would be allowed to upload some pictures of the shocking and morbid photos of those who died, really died on the spot such as vehicular accidents and those who died and was put inside a sealed containers and the like.

To give respect to the dead I will choose not to post their shocking pictures.For those pictures I could not take it I feel like my stomach is turning upside down.

First, I would like to share a true story about a beautiful woman who had been kidnapped and get killed. Allegedly she was killed by her husband. Although her husband was not actually the one who made the crime, he was considered as mastermind.

At first they were living happily together with their 2 children. The husband had suspected her that she had another man. They got separated and lived in separate lives. The wife had already a rumored live-in partner at that time until one day when the wife had been abducted by the kidnappers then after almost one year of searching there was one accomplice who made confession to her family that they had abducted and killed her. This is a true story and it was so hard to understand why in this world there are people who have no respect to life. They do not just killed the wife. They put the corpse inside a cylindrical drum and sealed it with concrete cement. After that, the body within the container had been thrown into the deep river.

Where are the conscience of these people? Can they just take it by receiving money and feed their family from the the financial rewards from the crimes they had committed?It seemed like they have no other option but to kill for a living.

These kind of people should have no place in the society. Can be the death penalty served to them? Well, we are not the right person to judge these kind of people but sometimes out of our emotions we feel that we need to give them the capital punishment. I hope nobody will have the same story as this.

May the soul of the person who died in rage and those similar stories may find peace.