Sunday, November 22, 2009

How To Commit Suicide?

The article that you are about to see below may not be suitable for minors, parental advice is required!
How to Commit Suicide for Dummies Like You!
Oops! Before you read the article below make sure that you are dummy and you are such a loser! I have a strong feeling that you will finish reading this post to get to know the instruction on how to end your life. Hold it! Stay where you are, while reading this please put your tool away that can be used as an accessory to end your destiny.
Maybe it sounds ironic to you that there is this kind of write-up that helps you how to commit suicide. Yes, there is and you should be glad that you have found this web page. This is how to show you the systematic way and painless approach to end your endearing life after my years of research and study. Before going to the practical way to surrender your poor life and give your soul to demon you must understand that it would be good if you settle all your debts first and it will not become burden to your family. They would be happy to see you while they are spitting on your grave and chatting about you for being responsible to clear yourself from humiliation of other people.
There is no turning back. You must prepare yourself with the following consequences:
1. Your enemy will be happy seeing you desperately ended your life. The last laugh will not be yours!
2. Your soul will be under the fire of hell. If you do not believe on hell finally you will know how to feel the immortal pain after your wrong judgment of getting your own life.
3. If you are in love and your intention is to get the attention of your loved-ones yes it may, but it will not last for long. Time will heal and forget everything about your foolishness.
4. Surely you will miss your vices. You will never taste the good thing about life anymore.
5. You only live once. You are no superhero nor James Bond. Regret is the only word that best describe you.
Here are the known ways of getting yourself lifeless:
1. Bleeding – cutting wrists
2. Drowning
3. Suffocation
4. Electrocution
5. Jumping
6. Firearms
7. And many more.
Almost all of the above ways are associated with pain.
There are some painless ways but are you sure you are willing to give up the precious gift given to you? Once it has done you cannot get back to life?
Think of why you want to end the life which is more precious than anything in the world? Do you feel lonely or bored with yourself? There are lots of counseling agencies that could help you to solve the problem (if you have). The last resort that you are thinking is just a simple bullshit! You must feel lucky and blessed than others. It would be best if you seek those people with the same problem or have bigger problem than yours. There are blinds who have no source of income and begging on the streets but why they want to survive unlike you who can able to pay monthly bills like the services you get from your DSL provider?
You are still lucky my friend you get an opportunity to instantly find almost all information on internet just like by getting a chance to read this article unlike others who have no internet access at all. Whatever the result of this regardless if you are dead or alive it would be much appreciated if you donate to charity and most especially to the writer of this article.
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Your enemy while getting the news about you!

You, few years from now once you have made a wrong move!

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

My New State-of-the-Art Vehicle

My blog becomes focus on humor rather than horror these days perhaps it depends on my mood. I have actually many stories about scary things but first I would like to share with you my new vehicle. This has been bought for only US$ 650 and I spent another US$600 for the repair. Perhaps you are wondering why I bought my new vehicle for that cheap.

The reason was simply because it has been bought from a woman who had lost her military husband. The widow decided to sell that since nobody will going to use it anymore. There was a rumor that her husband was brutally murdered by a man with bolo knife. His husband did not get a chance to take a fire to the man using his pistol and it resulted to his death. Since I cannot reveal the further detail of the story for the sake of my security as the new owner of this brand new state-of-the-art vehicle the most important thing is the benefit of having it for its flexibility of use.

Bought On: February, 2008
Note: Overhauled on March 2009