Wednesday, December 9, 2009

An Ugly Truth

How to become ugly?

When I was young I used to play with bunch of ugly kids. Hahaha! This has come to my realization that not all the same feathers flock together. To cut the long story short, I stopped playing with them and maintain my good looking skin at home for seven years. Aside from having a nice complexion I am surprised that while I am getting older I look better. Despite of having love handles I can still be considered almost perfect! One of my friends had asked me my secrets of having a flawless face and on how to become handsome. I told him that he should never use soap on his face while taking a bath although that was a joke I was surprised with the result in ten years! During that time I must admit that he really looked like my ass! But now, he looks better than me. I have only one appeal which I never get every time my friends ask me about my secrets. Where is the compliment? They are seeking advice from me for free and yet even a simple thank you I had never heard in return.

Every time I wake up I look on the mirror I thought it was a ghost but I realize that I have a reflection of an angel. I do not feel old. I look young and I feel like I am a Hollywood celebrity. Okay, that’s enough you are getting some tips already! My friendly advice for you is to get your face repaired!

After long queue of questions about my secrets I believe it is now my turn to ask question on how to become ugly. How’s the feeling of being a horrible man? Moving on the topic, I really need those readers here to give me some tips on how they feel. All commentators can post anonymously to hide their identity since they will be considered ugly.

Your comment could prevent my plan to put acid on my face just to feel what you feel. Hahaha!

My favorite saying: “There will never be a handsome guy like me if there is no ugly person like you in the world”.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

How To Commit Suicide?

The article that you are about to see below may not be suitable for minors, parental advice is required!
How to Commit Suicide for Dummies Like You!
Oops! Before you read the article below make sure that you are dummy and you are such a loser! I have a strong feeling that you will finish reading this post to get to know the instruction on how to end your life. Hold it! Stay where you are, while reading this please put your tool away that can be used as an accessory to end your destiny.
Maybe it sounds ironic to you that there is this kind of write-up that helps you how to commit suicide. Yes, there is and you should be glad that you have found this web page. This is how to show you the systematic way and painless approach to end your endearing life after my years of research and study. Before going to the practical way to surrender your poor life and give your soul to demon you must understand that it would be good if you settle all your debts first and it will not become burden to your family. They would be happy to see you while they are spitting on your grave and chatting about you for being responsible to clear yourself from humiliation of other people.
There is no turning back. You must prepare yourself with the following consequences:
1. Your enemy will be happy seeing you desperately ended your life. The last laugh will not be yours!
2. Your soul will be under the fire of hell. If you do not believe on hell finally you will know how to feel the immortal pain after your wrong judgment of getting your own life.
3. If you are in love and your intention is to get the attention of your loved-ones yes it may, but it will not last for long. Time will heal and forget everything about your foolishness.
4. Surely you will miss your vices. You will never taste the good thing about life anymore.
5. You only live once. You are no superhero nor James Bond. Regret is the only word that best describe you.
Here are the known ways of getting yourself lifeless:
1. Bleeding – cutting wrists
2. Drowning
3. Suffocation
4. Electrocution
5. Jumping
6. Firearms
7. And many more.
Almost all of the above ways are associated with pain.
There are some painless ways but are you sure you are willing to give up the precious gift given to you? Once it has done you cannot get back to life?
Think of why you want to end the life which is more precious than anything in the world? Do you feel lonely or bored with yourself? There are lots of counseling agencies that could help you to solve the problem (if you have). The last resort that you are thinking is just a simple bullshit! You must feel lucky and blessed than others. It would be best if you seek those people with the same problem or have bigger problem than yours. There are blinds who have no source of income and begging on the streets but why they want to survive unlike you who can able to pay monthly bills like the services you get from your DSL provider?
You are still lucky my friend you get an opportunity to instantly find almost all information on internet just like by getting a chance to read this article unlike others who have no internet access at all. Whatever the result of this regardless if you are dead or alive it would be much appreciated if you donate to charity and most especially to the writer of this article.
If you find this article helpful to you then you can donate to the Crazyhorse. For the bank account details and swift address do not forget to send email to for your queries or otherwise I only accept Western Union.

Your enemy while getting the news about you!

You, few years from now once you have made a wrong move!

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

My New State-of-the-Art Vehicle

My blog becomes focus on humor rather than horror these days perhaps it depends on my mood. I have actually many stories about scary things but first I would like to share with you my new vehicle. This has been bought for only US$ 650 and I spent another US$600 for the repair. Perhaps you are wondering why I bought my new vehicle for that cheap.

The reason was simply because it has been bought from a woman who had lost her military husband. The widow decided to sell that since nobody will going to use it anymore. There was a rumor that her husband was brutally murdered by a man with bolo knife. His husband did not get a chance to take a fire to the man using his pistol and it resulted to his death. Since I cannot reveal the further detail of the story for the sake of my security as the new owner of this brand new state-of-the-art vehicle the most important thing is the benefit of having it for its flexibility of use.

Bought On: February, 2008
Note: Overhauled on March 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Like His Bag!

I thought I could get a better picture of the passenger train but I was surprised when I accidentally caught a man with his lovely sling bag! Man, how much is that?!

What is wrong with a pink shoulder bag? That's a masculine color! I am not gay but I like pink too man!

I am selling a pink sling bag for men for only $3,000.00 any buyers out there? Hehehe!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Embarrassing Toilet Story : My Horror Story!

My Embarrassing Toilet Story: Shit Happens

I believe that almost 3 billion of people all around our planet at least 1% of it may have their own embarrassing experience to share.

Let me begin with my personal experience. I was in other country that time and because I thought there should have no problem for all consumable toilet materials such as tissue paper, soap and water I run fast to the toilet nearby. To my surprise, I have not seen any tissue paper and even soap! Luckily there was water in the faucet but the big issue to me was tissue paper. As the saying goes, shit happens it really happened to me. I have only seen used tissue paper lying helplessly on the floor and I reused it to ease myself. I had no choice and I need to decide quickly because there was someone knocking out the door in the queue line. I have touched some of my shits with my bare hand because the used tissue was too small. I wash my hands without soap as well.

That was terrible! I hope nobody has the same experience or even worse than my story!

Apologies if this story sounds offensive to everybody.

Experienced by: Yours truly, Crazyhorse
Date: May 2009
Time: Afternoon

Anybody who has the courage to tell their embarrassing and horrific stories?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Town Full of Horrific Stories

I have just come back from a week visit to our province where I lived half of my life. I love my own town where I learned how to count, read, and listen to my parents' and grandparents' advices during my early childhood. I had been relocated to the city for my tertiary studies. I took my bachelor's degree in engineering specialized in electronics and communications and then landed a job in that city. I left the country for the good opportunity to work in foreign land but after a year and a half I decided to come back to my country. I have engaged myself in different business opportunities back in the city where I have graduated my bachelor's degree.

As of now, I am presently residing in the city since in our town it is not yet commercialized and urbanized wherein opportunity to find good fortune is very low until I found out good business opportunity way back home. Because of the nature of my business right now I often go back to my own town where I have heard lots of stories which if you were following my previous articles herein you may find some surprising and shocking stories within our town alone.

Within the month of September of this year alone there are lots of crimes reported. One was a trader who was killed in front of the Capitol Hall. The trader was gunned down in broad daylight. They have their own resort which just nearby in one of the places that I stay every time I go back to my own town. While the family was mourning because of the sudden death of the trader a body of unidentified man had been found floating at the shore within the resort of the dead trader.
Another reported heinous crime was the brutal death of the bar owner using the ironed-claw hand. We are supposed to take over the bar's space to lease before the incident happened.

Our town looks calm and innocent but there are hidden secrets. If you are a trader or a businessman here better be fair to your employees, business partners, and customers. Do not be frightened if you treat fairly and are not taking advantage to anybody. Most of the heinous crimes reported were simply because some are seeking justice with their own hands.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Truth About Mary

One afternoon Mary has been found dead in her bedroom lying in cold blood. The forensic experts did not know the cause of her death. Many believed that she was murdered by her husband. But after a week, her husband has died in a vehicular accident. Nobody knows the real cause of the accident since no witness had showed to testify about what had happened.
A lot of cases were similar to the story of Mary. The case had been classified as unsolved. What was the real story behind the death of a lovely woman who lived a wonderful life? The story has never been revealed until one day the man behind the crime had known that he survived the accident. The man chose not to reveal his secret but out of his bothered conscience after few months had passed he gave himself to the authority. He made confession on the crime he had committed.

This is a short synopsis of the story that I am writing from one of my ebooks. Once this book is finished it will become available online. Many of us may notice that this may happen to anybody, it is a story that you may find similar with other stories but this will be full of surprises. Unlike in my other articles, I consider this as my own story that have been created out of my imaginative mind. Every time I write an article herein the readers will be informed if it is based on true event or just a fruit of my imagination. As I am getting deeper in writing horrific stories inspired by real events, I have realized that there are lots of true stories that never been told yet which may be similar to this.

In my next article, I will be discussing about true story that happened in our province.

Most of the stories I write here are true and non-fictitious stories. Watch out for it!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Corny Joke

At school, the teacher was asking the students about the best and practical medicine in times of emergency.
Teacher: What is the best cure for the fever?
Student 1: Paracetamol!
Teacher: Very good! How about a cure for headache?
Student 2: Aspirin Ma’am!
Teacher: How about for diarrhea?
Student 3: Corn, Ma’am!
Teacher: Can you justify your answer?
Student 3: A corn is the best and practical to prevent excessive waste discharge, Ma’am. You just plug in and the diarrhea is gone in seconds.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

From Humor to Horror

Previously the stories that were posted here were focused on humor and horror stories. Although the name of this site is about Humor & Horror, I decided to remain this unchained even if I will be writing about some interesting stories may or may not be relevant to the said humorous or frightening stories.

From humor to horror is the new concept of this site. I will be discussing any interesting topics here. From humor to horror is an analogy of all letters in alphabet from "A" to "Z" that covers all letters. Likewise,humor to horror may cover all interesting topics!

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Murphy's Law

Murphy’s Law : “ Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”

Do you believe in Murphy’s law? Many assumed that this law had been originated from a scientist named Edward Murphy that after his failed science experimentation in front of the crowd in one occasion he blamed the unsuccessful result to his assistant. I will not elaborate into further discussion.

I would like to share some real terrible stories below:

The Passenger Who Just Gone Off the Bus and Died on the Spot

In one ordinary morning, I attended the weekly project meeting in one of the oldest buildings in the Central Business District. Part of the project meeting was about the safety awareness. The project manager together with his safety officer had discussed about some safety tips and set an example about what had happened earlier on that morning. This was about a passenger who just stepped off from a bus and accidentally slipped his foot. This was a nightmare for the relatives and especially the immediate family of a young man who died on the spot. It was not an ordinary accident in an ordinary early Monday morning. His head had been crushed by another bus’ wheel. I got real photos that had been sent thru emails which I supposed to post it here for the sake of the readers to get clearer picture of that incident but I chose not to unless somebody would ask me to upload the images. My stomach almost did not take it and I was about to vomit on what I had seen. One of the witnesses described that incidence with a very loud sound like a coconut fruit that was being forced to squash.

This incident happened just next to the building where we had attended weekly project meeting.

Date of Accident: 1st Quarter of 2007
Location: Withheld
Victim: 1
Identity: Withheld

A Man Riding a Motorbike Hit by a Big Truck

It was so unfortunate to a man who was riding his motorbike without knowing that it was his last day. He was so fast riding his bike and one big truck has crushed him like a ground meat. A friend of mine had sent that amateur shots of images.

Date of Accident: Between 2007-2008
Location: Withheld
Victim: 1
Identity: Withheld

These are real stories. All these unfortunate events that are being associated with the so-called Murphy’s Law have purpose why all these things happened. Sometimes even if we are very cautious and careful in what we do, things could go wrong. The moral lesson here if we cannot avoid it at least by taking extra safety awareness the risk is not that much. For those God-fearing individuals, we need to pray for our safety and focus in everything we do.

I hope this will serve as lesson to everybody.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hir's a FaCt

A message forwarded to me thru SMS :

"did u konw taht d hmuan brian can raed wrods wtih lteters rmubeld? as lnog as d frist & lsat lteters of d wrods r at tehir porepr palecs. Bceuase d barin olny itnreperts d wrdos & not d seplilng of a ceratin wrod FnAtsatic ins't 8? Psas tehse 2 oherts 4 tehm 2 b aamezd! "

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Story of the Woman Enclosed Inside a Container

I do not know whether if I would be allowed to upload some pictures of the shocking and morbid photos of those who died, really died on the spot such as vehicular accidents and those who died and was put inside a sealed containers and the like.

To give respect to the dead I will choose not to post their shocking pictures.For those pictures I could not take it I feel like my stomach is turning upside down.

First, I would like to share a true story about a beautiful woman who had been kidnapped and get killed. Allegedly she was killed by her husband. Although her husband was not actually the one who made the crime, he was considered as mastermind.

At first they were living happily together with their 2 children. The husband had suspected her that she had another man. They got separated and lived in separate lives. The wife had already a rumored live-in partner at that time until one day when the wife had been abducted by the kidnappers then after almost one year of searching there was one accomplice who made confession to her family that they had abducted and killed her. This is a true story and it was so hard to understand why in this world there are people who have no respect to life. They do not just killed the wife. They put the corpse inside a cylindrical drum and sealed it with concrete cement. After that, the body within the container had been thrown into the deep river.

Where are the conscience of these people? Can they just take it by receiving money and feed their family from the the financial rewards from the crimes they had committed?It seemed like they have no other option but to kill for a living.

These kind of people should have no place in the society. Can be the death penalty served to them? Well, we are not the right person to judge these kind of people but sometimes out of our emotions we feel that we need to give them the capital punishment. I hope nobody will have the same story as this.

May the soul of the person who died in rage and those similar stories may find peace.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Joke Joke Joke ! -- Unexpected Embarrassment

Two lovely couple were on a date in one fine dining to celebrate their third anniversary! They were in love and sharing sweet thoughts to each other. They reminisced their past through good times and bad times.The guy who ate so much of what they had ordered had felt discomfort with his stomach.He tried to hold it and he thought it was a very unfortunate deep shit (as in deep shit with its literal meaning) but it was a false alarm, luckily he just farted and gave the bunch of fellow customers within that restaurant with a very long and stinky fart! Other group of ladies beside their table had heard the very loud blow and they laughed about it. The next thing happened was really unexpected when his wife had overreacted by giving a very large bubble blow from her nose! She had a running nose on that evening occasion. What a shame! Everybody was shocked!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Unexplained Mysteries

Do you believe in Ghost? How about Dracula? Vampires? Have you experienced unexplained things? The secrets on how to get to know them if they are real or in existence will be revealed here.

If you have such real life experiences we will uncover the truth behind the mysteries.
I will answer all your questions and if you need explanation based on scientific study give me at least a week to study your non-fictitious stories.

Well, about me I was a person before who do not believe anything about unexplained things but because of one experience that I had and through my extensive research in finding the truth with scientific basis I have concluded that it was real.

If you do not have such stories you can just read some of the articles herein just to keep you informed and aware not to scare you but also on how you can handle about it.
If you have the so-called "third eye" then do not be afraid.Perhaps it is your sixth sense! Other people were saying that sixth sense is a gift.

I have lots of stories to tell you, my other personal experiences will be posted here. Just brace yourself and be aware!

I am here to validate your untold unexplained stories. Make sure it is real, if not it will be classified as the unexplained case which you will not get the satisfaction from it since it is just the fruit of your imagination. It must be real, I will let other viewers and followers to make comments.

Everybody is invited to share!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Unexplained Wealth

This is just for teaser actually. Since I have informed you about my unexplained scary story in my previous posting I would like to discuss about the unexplained wealth of corrupt government officials as well. Since this is related on my topics I would like to raise this issue.

Wherever you are there are corrupt government officials in your place regardless if your country belongs to the third world or developed. The dreadful and scary issues to talk about is the corruption because of the broad implications to the public. It defeats the popularity of the unexplained stories actually.

Some wise officials have legalized corruption by getting too much pay by serving their country. The question here is how as a citizen helps his/her country to fight against corruption? We can make difference by getting to know the ways to help our motherland to become well-off and a country of fairness to everyone.

I am not here just to tell you about the things that will make us depressed and angry. If you have ways in how to fight corruptions please do not hesitate to post your comments. Let us heal our nation and the world!

Friday, August 21, 2009

It's a Joke Joke Time! : Remarks at Funeral

There are 3 closed friends that died in one car accident and they got to an orientation in heaven.They had been asked at the gate of heaven for the said orientation and interview, What would you like your friends left on Earth to say about you?"

Guy #01: I would like to hear them say that I was a great physician, and a devoted
father and husband.
Guy #02: I would like to hear that I was a good artist!
Guy #03: I would like to hear them say, "Hey look, he's moving and alive!"

Friday, August 14, 2009

What Is Your Funny and/or Scary Stories?

If you have funny and scary stories to share please do not hesitate to post it in here. We can make some sharing and study of your stories.

Actually the main objective of this site is to identify, study, investigate and share point of views about the scary stories especially for those unexplained things. We can discuss about the horror movies and make comments. Everybody is welcome to make their own stories as well.If it is really your stories just put your name under it. Please inform us if your stories are real life experience or just your own ideas or the fruit of your imaginations.

For real life stories to tell, it would be much appreciated if you have your stories that can be supported by your unique and original camera shots.

Do not wonder if I have included about the funny or humorous stories here, the said funny stories serve as teasers only.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Haunted House

There are rumors about haunted houses. Have you ever heard or seen a "white lady" in the window of an old house at night? How about the hunchback old man appeared in front of the gate and inviting you to come in to stay for a night? These are common scenes from horror movies.

If you have such stories about the haunted house please let me know. In some documentaries from the well respected local broadcasting networks (television stations) saying that they had experienced unusual things while doing documentaries. My question was, is that for real or just to get the public excited about what they were watching. Do not just believe on the ghost stories you should make your own investigation.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Horror 002 : Ghost and Science

Horror 002 : Ghost and Science

I have made the title name “Ghost & Science” to share my point of views about the real and the unexplained things we experienced in our lives. This is as well to differentiate what is real and what is just a creation of our imagination or made by other people to scare us.

Ghost, in some beliefs or religions it is widely known.

I believe in spirit that if the person dies it will go out from the dead body. I had a story about the unexplained thing happened to me but until now it is hard for me to figure it out. I combined science in my search for the truth but I cannot find a conclusive explanation on what I have experienced. Perhaps, I need to surrender and leave my experience as case unsolved and proceed with my everyday life.

By profession I was an engineer and most of the time I was making reports based on facts. If I have some doubts I better not send report to our customers or to my immediate boss. I have to delay it if necessary even if it could have implications to our business. In engineering you should be investigative and your investigation should be based on gathered facts. It should be systematic with scientific approach to solve the problem but on the case of my unexplained experience it was so hard for me to understand.

I was about to accept that it was simply because of my imagination but the fact that I was not alone and we both had that story I would like to say that it was a ghost.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Humor 001 : Cigarette Vendor

Humor 001 : Cigarette Vendor
There was a man who was selling cigarettes inside the bus. The guy was offering cigar to each passenger and to my surprise the vendor exclaimed, “buy my cigars to prolong your life!”.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Horror 001 : A Real Ghost Story

Many of us believe in ghosts some have yet to experience it to believe it. Regardless of our faith and beliefs there are stories about ghosts around the world.
Can we identify what is real and what is really just inside of our imagination?
In the evening of April 12, 2009 my colleague and I were both busy at work. Having an overtime work in our office-warehouse we both noticed a very sudden thing passed by beside us. We thought that it was just our other officemate who just run so fast and push the door next to us. The said door is the access to a room which has an exit door opposite of it but before you could go out you could hear the exit door if somebody opens it but to our surprise nobody had made an exit. I have checked the room and I had seen nothing inside of it. My colleague and I were both shocked and we conducted an investigation. Definitely it is not a strong wind or not even an electric fan in full force could push the door so we took out the idea that it was only a strong wind. The door can only swing if you exert good enough force in order to open it. I do not believe in ghosts previously even when I was in Philippines before I headed to work in Singapore there were lots of stories in our country but I did not believe that time.
I have realized that after telling the story to our colleagues the next day that some of them had some unexplained experiences especially working late at night. There were some rumors that during the construction of the building there were some workers died on site. Needless to say but December of 2008 there was one outsourced logistic personnel who was working with us collapsed and died on the spot in our warehouse, he was just 44 years old.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Humor & Horror

This site will tackle all about stories and personal experiences. I will focus on ghost stories, unexplained things, and of course the funny stories! This page will be divided into 2 sub-categories--obviously about horror & humor.
Everybody is invited to post their ghost stories, & funny stories into this site! Be part of this!

Around the world definitely there are uncanny stories about ghosts, unexplained phenomena, & as well funny stories regardless of race, beliefs, and cultures. I have mixed up these 2 sub-categories to balance our senses or as to moderate our emotions and for us to understand what really behind on the unexpained things and what things tickles our emotions. I am not superb on story telling nor a good writer but what I really want to impart to the readers are some stories that we would like to ncover the reality behind our fear and hapiness. Once we have determined all these things we could become better persons and be effective regardless of what aspects in life we are into it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Humor & Horror

This site will be interesting and will discuss about the humor & horror stories or sharing of experiencs all around the world. This site is being developed and will launch soon!