Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Story of the Woman Enclosed Inside a Container

I do not know whether if I would be allowed to upload some pictures of the shocking and morbid photos of those who died, really died on the spot such as vehicular accidents and those who died and was put inside a sealed containers and the like.

To give respect to the dead I will choose not to post their shocking pictures.For those pictures I could not take it I feel like my stomach is turning upside down.

First, I would like to share a true story about a beautiful woman who had been kidnapped and get killed. Allegedly she was killed by her husband. Although her husband was not actually the one who made the crime, he was considered as mastermind.

At first they were living happily together with their 2 children. The husband had suspected her that she had another man. They got separated and lived in separate lives. The wife had already a rumored live-in partner at that time until one day when the wife had been abducted by the kidnappers then after almost one year of searching there was one accomplice who made confession to her family that they had abducted and killed her. This is a true story and it was so hard to understand why in this world there are people who have no respect to life. They do not just killed the wife. They put the corpse inside a cylindrical drum and sealed it with concrete cement. After that, the body within the container had been thrown into the deep river.

Where are the conscience of these people? Can they just take it by receiving money and feed their family from the the financial rewards from the crimes they had committed?It seemed like they have no other option but to kill for a living.

These kind of people should have no place in the society. Can be the death penalty served to them? Well, we are not the right person to judge these kind of people but sometimes out of our emotions we feel that we need to give them the capital punishment. I hope nobody will have the same story as this.

May the soul of the person who died in rage and those similar stories may find peace.

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