Thursday, August 19, 2010

Life Stages of Man

While reading this think about your life in the past? How are you right now? Are you happy? Have you accomplished things according to plan? As we get older we look at the past and sometimes we have regrets. Truly time is very precious and we only live once to fulfill what we want to become. No matter what our life right now here are the life stages of human being:


This is the beginning or early period of life. What we usually do is to cry just like the picture above. We could easily react from starvation and pain by expressing it through crying. Sometimes we fool our parents and pretend to be hungry or in pain without realizing it when we get older. All we have to do is cry and smile. This is the time we are becoming too observant and easily learn things. We begin to say, "Momma, Uncle"!


This is the time of becoming playful, hyper and enjoying life without worrying much about politics and economy. You will begin to ask your parents how to make babies.

  You are now becoming conscious on how you would look like before you go out with your friends. You want to be so attractive. You are so in love! 

You think like you know everything. You are in control of your life. You have a family of your own and all the questions you asked before are now being asked by your children. You should have many accomplishments in life. You pretend and act sometimes like a teenager. Wrinkles are starting to appear, hair loss is disgusting! 

NO! THE PICTURE ABOVE IS NOT STEVE JOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It depends in the country or government that offers privileges to the oldies. You can now avail discounts and privileges for senior citizens. This is the last stage in life and you should enjoy it before the last breath. All of your children have their own respective family. 

When you will be asked if you still want to get laid and your answer would be:

"The spirit is there but the flesh is weak"

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