Friday, August 28, 2009

Joke Joke Joke ! -- Unexpected Embarrassment

Two lovely couple were on a date in one fine dining to celebrate their third anniversary! They were in love and sharing sweet thoughts to each other. They reminisced their past through good times and bad times.The guy who ate so much of what they had ordered had felt discomfort with his stomach.He tried to hold it and he thought it was a very unfortunate deep shit (as in deep shit with its literal meaning) but it was a false alarm, luckily he just farted and gave the bunch of fellow customers within that restaurant with a very long and stinky fart! Other group of ladies beside their table had heard the very loud blow and they laughed about it. The next thing happened was really unexpected when his wife had overreacted by giving a very large bubble blow from her nose! She had a running nose on that evening occasion. What a shame! Everybody was shocked!

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