Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Embarrassing Toilet Story : My Horror Story!

My Embarrassing Toilet Story: Shit Happens

I believe that almost 3 billion of people all around our planet at least 1% of it may have their own embarrassing experience to share.

Let me begin with my personal experience. I was in other country that time and because I thought there should have no problem for all consumable toilet materials such as tissue paper, soap and water I run fast to the toilet nearby. To my surprise, I have not seen any tissue paper and even soap! Luckily there was water in the faucet but the big issue to me was tissue paper. As the saying goes, shit happens it really happened to me. I have only seen used tissue paper lying helplessly on the floor and I reused it to ease myself. I had no choice and I need to decide quickly because there was someone knocking out the door in the queue line. I have touched some of my shits with my bare hand because the used tissue was too small. I wash my hands without soap as well.

That was terrible! I hope nobody has the same experience or even worse than my story!

Apologies if this story sounds offensive to everybody.

Experienced by: Yours truly, Crazyhorse
Date: May 2009
Time: Afternoon

Anybody who has the courage to tell their embarrassing and horrific stories?

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