Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Town Full of Horrific Stories

I have just come back from a week visit to our province where I lived half of my life. I love my own town where I learned how to count, read, and listen to my parents' and grandparents' advices during my early childhood. I had been relocated to the city for my tertiary studies. I took my bachelor's degree in engineering specialized in electronics and communications and then landed a job in that city. I left the country for the good opportunity to work in foreign land but after a year and a half I decided to come back to my country. I have engaged myself in different business opportunities back in the city where I have graduated my bachelor's degree.

As of now, I am presently residing in the city since in our town it is not yet commercialized and urbanized wherein opportunity to find good fortune is very low until I found out good business opportunity way back home. Because of the nature of my business right now I often go back to my own town where I have heard lots of stories which if you were following my previous articles herein you may find some surprising and shocking stories within our town alone.

Within the month of September of this year alone there are lots of crimes reported. One was a trader who was killed in front of the Capitol Hall. The trader was gunned down in broad daylight. They have their own resort which just nearby in one of the places that I stay every time I go back to my own town. While the family was mourning because of the sudden death of the trader a body of unidentified man had been found floating at the shore within the resort of the dead trader.
Another reported heinous crime was the brutal death of the bar owner using the ironed-claw hand. We are supposed to take over the bar's space to lease before the incident happened.

Our town looks calm and innocent but there are hidden secrets. If you are a trader or a businessman here better be fair to your employees, business partners, and customers. Do not be frightened if you treat fairly and are not taking advantage to anybody. Most of the heinous crimes reported were simply because some are seeking justice with their own hands.


  1. hi, i have my own scary experience to tell.. i jus don't have any camera or video to show some proof. this happened in 2008.
    i was working in Mandaluyong City and our office is located on the 34th flr of Summit Building in Kalentong. i arrived early in the office and when i entered the buildig i went straight to the elevator. before i stepped in, i saw my officemate walked into the building as well but being a greedy that i am and because he did not see me, i pressed the close button immediately and then the 34th flr button. i was the first to arrive other than the person who holds the keys to the office. about a few minutes later my officemate arrived and he was so surprised when he saw me there already sitting in front of my computer. he said it was impossible that i came in before him because he saw me on the ground floor going to the comfort room and that i even waived at him. i asked him if he really did see me and he said it was true and that i was even wearing the same clothes, same hair, same me. i told him what i did and he said that a spirit must have imitated me and walked around the building using my body and face because i was so greedy and the spirit liked my soul.

  2. Hi dan~gee~rous, I would like to express my gratitude in posting your personal experience here that even science could hardly explain it. We have lots of scary stories just like mine and we are not telling all these stories to frighten everybody but to analyze and understand that they really exist.