Monday, January 25, 2010


I wonder on how we can apply all those we have learned in high school and college about mathematics especially algebra and trigonometry.

One of the good things in the country like Philippines is that as a customer in a public market you can haggle with the price down for some commodities being sold by the vendors. So aside from having a low cost of living in the said country you could still save money using your skills in making the vendor broke! LOL!

Consider the scenario on how you can apply algebra and trigonometry:

In public market:

Vendor: How many apple?

John: Give me 3x-5 when x=6

Vendor: So, here are your 13 apples sir!

John: How much all?

Vendor: It’s only 5sin90 a piece.

John: Please convert it using arc tangent.

Vendor: I just finished high school I can’t carry it. Just use 5tan45 instead then apply reduction formula.

John: Ok no problem, here’s my payment (x?2-4x+3)/sin3x where x=7, keep the change!


  1. he he... so funny... if i talk in this language my vendor might perhaps say, "the apples are not for sale" ;)

    Find your blog very starting to follow it right away

  2. LOL. never really liked math! I suck at it big time! :p So unlike John, I can't fool a vendor. And I must admit, di ako marunong tumawad. haha.

    By the way, thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving me a comment. ^^, Really appreciate it a lot.

    Salamat. :D