Sunday, January 10, 2010

Year of the Tiger No More!

I do not think 2010 is the year for Tiger Woods after admitting an illicit affair with another woman. He has lost billions of dollar endorsements which comparatively higher than what he’s getting from his profession. This is the lost of the Tiger but I do not mean the lost in opportunities as one of the highest-paid commercial endorsers of our time but rather the lost of his integrity as a respected player. What can you ask for if you have a life like a tiger? Sometimes I would like to make myself believe from the saying, “For every man’s failure there’s a woman behind”. In my own understanding it is not really about the woman. The term woman symbolizes one’s weakest part that could affect to reach our success in life so ladies out there do not get mad at me. Certainly Tiger has achieved his success in golf but not in relationship.

He is just a man after all and he is not a saint to be excused from getting horny to other woman. Everybody deserves a second chance to have one more time affair, I mean a chance to recover where he slipped. I really believe that those lucky bastard professionals (not in golf but in extramarital relationship) might be disappointed why Tiger admits his extra-curricular activities. I have a friend telling me that if he was in the shoes of Tiger he will never tell the truth even if they crush his balls. But really, what I admire from Tiger is the admittance of his transgressions. You cannot hide the truth even a smelly fish you placed into a container surrounded by concrete cement it will be discovered eventually. So those hubbies out there reading this post better to make confession with your wife before somebody else will..hahaha! Me? I would prefer to be a lucky bastard!

What can I say? Well, I hope in the end they will still be together living in harmony. His spouse, Elin Nordegren has turned 30 last January 1…so happy New Year Elin! I hope you did enjoy the celebration despite of the scandal.

The good thing if you look at the bright side of Tiger, he proved that he is really a man. It might become even worse if we found out that he has an affair with Adam Lambert or Elton John, don’t you think? Kidding aside, despite of the scandal I still admire him for being true to himself and his courage to disclose to public about his love affair with another woman. I think that prior to his admittance he readied himself to lose commercial endorsements and the possibility of losing his own beautiful Swedish-American wife. Surely he will miss Swedish massage!

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  1. Nice post.. I don't really know the whole story about the Tiger Woods incident but I think his wife's a whore.. lols.. Thanks for visiting my blog. And your comment. I really appreciate comments.. Thanks and good luck to this awesome blog of yours..