Monday, August 24, 2009

Unexplained Wealth

This is just for teaser actually. Since I have informed you about my unexplained scary story in my previous posting I would like to discuss about the unexplained wealth of corrupt government officials as well. Since this is related on my topics I would like to raise this issue.

Wherever you are there are corrupt government officials in your place regardless if your country belongs to the third world or developed. The dreadful and scary issues to talk about is the corruption because of the broad implications to the public. It defeats the popularity of the unexplained stories actually.

Some wise officials have legalized corruption by getting too much pay by serving their country. The question here is how as a citizen helps his/her country to fight against corruption? We can make difference by getting to know the ways to help our motherland to become well-off and a country of fairness to everyone.

I am not here just to tell you about the things that will make us depressed and angry. If you have ways in how to fight corruptions please do not hesitate to post your comments. Let us heal our nation and the world!

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