Friday, August 14, 2009

What Is Your Funny and/or Scary Stories?

If you have funny and scary stories to share please do not hesitate to post it in here. We can make some sharing and study of your stories.

Actually the main objective of this site is to identify, study, investigate and share point of views about the scary stories especially for those unexplained things. We can discuss about the horror movies and make comments. Everybody is welcome to make their own stories as well.If it is really your stories just put your name under it. Please inform us if your stories are real life experience or just your own ideas or the fruit of your imaginations.

For real life stories to tell, it would be much appreciated if you have your stories that can be supported by your unique and original camera shots.

Do not wonder if I have included about the funny or humorous stories here, the said funny stories serve as teasers only.

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