Monday, August 3, 2009

Horror 001 : A Real Ghost Story

Many of us believe in ghosts some have yet to experience it to believe it. Regardless of our faith and beliefs there are stories about ghosts around the world.
Can we identify what is real and what is really just inside of our imagination?
In the evening of April 12, 2009 my colleague and I were both busy at work. Having an overtime work in our office-warehouse we both noticed a very sudden thing passed by beside us. We thought that it was just our other officemate who just run so fast and push the door next to us. The said door is the access to a room which has an exit door opposite of it but before you could go out you could hear the exit door if somebody opens it but to our surprise nobody had made an exit. I have checked the room and I had seen nothing inside of it. My colleague and I were both shocked and we conducted an investigation. Definitely it is not a strong wind or not even an electric fan in full force could push the door so we took out the idea that it was only a strong wind. The door can only swing if you exert good enough force in order to open it. I do not believe in ghosts previously even when I was in Philippines before I headed to work in Singapore there were lots of stories in our country but I did not believe that time.
I have realized that after telling the story to our colleagues the next day that some of them had some unexplained experiences especially working late at night. There were some rumors that during the construction of the building there were some workers died on site. Needless to say but December of 2008 there was one outsourced logistic personnel who was working with us collapsed and died on the spot in our warehouse, he was just 44 years old.

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