Sunday, August 9, 2009

Horror 002 : Ghost and Science

Horror 002 : Ghost and Science

I have made the title name “Ghost & Science” to share my point of views about the real and the unexplained things we experienced in our lives. This is as well to differentiate what is real and what is just a creation of our imagination or made by other people to scare us.

Ghost, in some beliefs or religions it is widely known.

I believe in spirit that if the person dies it will go out from the dead body. I had a story about the unexplained thing happened to me but until now it is hard for me to figure it out. I combined science in my search for the truth but I cannot find a conclusive explanation on what I have experienced. Perhaps, I need to surrender and leave my experience as case unsolved and proceed with my everyday life.

By profession I was an engineer and most of the time I was making reports based on facts. If I have some doubts I better not send report to our customers or to my immediate boss. I have to delay it if necessary even if it could have implications to our business. In engineering you should be investigative and your investigation should be based on gathered facts. It should be systematic with scientific approach to solve the problem but on the case of my unexplained experience it was so hard for me to understand.

I was about to accept that it was simply because of my imagination but the fact that I was not alone and we both had that story I would like to say that it was a ghost.

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